Silent Face

Perhaps, I do not deserve

But, I am not yours to judge.

The greatest gift that you could leave me with

Is your silent face.

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Something I was Thinking About

If you have an opinion and you are uneducated, I am not going to listen to you.

Although, if you are educated and you have an opinion, I am not going to listen to you unless your opinion is the same as mine.

Actually, if you have an opinion, I am not going to listen to you; I can reach my own conclusions. Thanks for sharing, though. The breeze felt nice.

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Halloween Then and Now

On some calendars, November 1st is the traditional day after Halloween, and now that I am getting to be an old man, I can start stories with, back when I was a kid…

When I was a kid, Halloween was a very special time of the year, ranking right up there with Christmas in that they both offered free stuff for very little effort. It was our chance to meet the neighbors and terrorize them.

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How to Cook the Best Beef Ribs

Technically, these won’t be ribs, they will be vertebrae, but any bone with meat on it, when properly seasoned and cooked, tastes some good. Just like that monkey. Now, personally, I would prefer to start with a live cow, and after s-laughter-ing it and letting it age for three or four weeks, removing a few ribs to enjoy. Sadly, I have no cow.

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Less Wailing & More Whaling

Lately, I have been really trying hard to come up with some ideas for renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels are great and everything, and I am sure we will never run out of them, but they are kind of messy when they come in to contact with anything that is not made out of soap. Maybe it would be best if we left them in the ground and pursued other options for powering the machinery of the industrialized world.

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