Things I Forgot

Until I came back to New York last week after nearly 2.5 years of being in California, I had pretty much forgotten these things:
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President Trump May Have Rubbed Butts With Voldemort Putin

He probably didn’t.

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Is there anything more reductionist than the act of putting all of your belongings into boxes, and then relocating those boxes to some other place? Maybe reductionist isn’t the word I am looking for; I want the one that succinctly describes how physically, mentally, and emotionally crushing moving can be. Moving sucks.

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Raising Money

In retrospect, I sort of wish I named one of my children Money because having Money in your family is a powerful thing. As a parent, you can do stuff like burdening your kids with unusual names. People in Hollywood do it all the time. In the same but completely different way, as I am the youngest of my siblings, I can choose what is written on their tombstones, especially after they are all dead. Naming your kid Money would be pretty cool, though.

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It’s mostly like YouTube, except it is a herd of sheep all doing the same thing, and following the same carrot. Do sheep eat carrots? Let’s just assume they do, and also skip over the locomotion problems arising with carrots needing to be followed. Imagine that world: while the sheep are struggling to solve basic algebra problems, the carrots have already nailed bipedal motion.

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